Roger Federer surprises kids at the children’s hospital in Basel

For Roger Federer, this April this means much relax with his family as he won’t compete again until Roland Garros, and it’s the chance especially to have a bigger role in the charity. After the Match for Africa 3 that allowed to earn 1.3 million euros from tickets sold that will go to the Roger Fedeer Foundation, the World No. 4, who will play another exhibition match on 29 April in Seattle with John Isner and Bill Gates, decided, in cooperation with his sponsor Lindt, to prepare a surprise for kids at the children’s hospital in his home town of Basel, in order to wish them happy Easter bringing as a gift a nice Gold Bunny. It was Lindt to start this project, organizing special Easter events in 10 Children’s Hospital in Switzerland. In total, the chocolate maker gave 8.000 Gold Bunnies and donated 74,000 dollars for individual projects that they made. Federer definitely donated an important amount of money of course, but at the moment details about have not been revealed. Here is the video of Roger with kids, who were very emotional as you can see here below:

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